Task 9c97e600-92bd-42fd-a1de-dac6fe975174 failed


I've had an issue with a project and deleted it instead of relaunching it. Now I can't get the project out of the deleted area.

Task 9c97e600-92bd-42fd-a1de-dac6fe975174 failed: Timeout waiting for application=1150547 deployment=4184079 replicas to become ready: [{'node': 'ip-172-17-49-5.ec2.internal', 'name': 'application-1150547-deployment-4184079-jrq2c'}, {'target': 'lucid-production-k8s08'}]

Thank you for your help.

We had an issue on our side over the weekend. Your application has been repaired. If you reload you should be all set.


Thank you very much!


I'm having the same issue:
Task 1a97cc39-986a-4c09-a53d-428f5acf0e5f failed: Timeout waiting for application=1016282 deployment=4185599 replicas to become ready: [{'name': 'application-1016282-deployment-4185599-mk46j', 'node': 'ip-172-17-43-53.ec2.internal'}, {'target': 'lucid-production-k8s07'}]
Could you help repair mine too?

Thank you

That application has been repaired as well.


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