targets: Last error: igraph::is_dag(graph) is not TRUE

I have the following _targets.R, yet I get an "is not directed acyclic graph" error from the targets package when calling tar_make().

Is the zip file the problem? Is using namespaces instead of loading package the problem?

namespaces = c("targets", "readr", "cmdstanr", "bayesplot", "posterior")
targets::tar_option_set(imports = namespaces)
    name = data_file,
    command = "data/",
    format = "file"),
    name = data,
    command = readr::read_csv(data_file,
                              col_types = readr::cols())

Hi @atxprof,

My first instinct is that the name of your second target data is found in the command of the first target "data/", which creates a cyclical loop because the name of the first target data_file is found in the command of the second target.

What happens if you change the second target name to something else, like data_read or some other disambiguated term?

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