Taggin Duplicates

Dear All,

This is a very simple problem which I was able to solve very easily on Stata. I need to tag duplicate entries based on two variables.
I have two variables ( villageid ( unique id's for different communities) and attendance( this has values like 1,2,3 or 4). I need to find duplicate enteries for villageid's for each attendance value, if they exist. Is there a way I can tag them ?

Kumar Ashwarya


Is this what you're looking for:

myData = data.frame(villageid = sample(1:10, 50, replace = T), attendance = sample(1:5, 50, replace = T))
duplicates = myData %>% group_by(villageid, attendance) %>% summarise(n() > 1)
myData = left_join(myData, duplicates, by = c("villageid", "attendance")) %>% arrange(villageid, attendance)


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