Tabset HMTL Rmarkdown

I am working on a html document (readthedown theme) of rmarkdown and i would like to create several ".tabset" but :

I would like that the tabset's content appears only when i click on it in the table of content and not appears ones after ones directly on the body of doc.

For example, when i am in the first tabset, and i'm going through the several sub tabset, i don't want to seing the next tabset on content of the page.

in my situation i have :

# Title1 {.tabset .tabset-fade}
## sub title a {.tabset .tabset-fade}
## sub title b {.tabset .tabset-fade}
## sub title c {.tabset .tabset-fade}

# Title2 {.tabset .tabset-fade}
## sub title d  {.tabset .tabset-fade}
## sub title e  {.tabset .tabset-fade}
## sub title f  {.tabset .tabset-fade}

and if i am in the content of sub title a or b or c i dont want to see the content of Title2 when i arrived at end of these sections, like this :

Here, the content of sub section b has been selected and i see only the content of sub section b and not other content

i've already tried several methods like .tabset-dropdown, .active but it doesn't works

is it possible ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


I suspect that the R Markdown output format you are using is not built on bootstrap. The bootstrap CSS is used to enable the tabsets in a typical html_document() output format.

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