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{tableboom}: inspect calls and (de)construct table

Authors: Grzegorz Smoliński

Abstract: {boomer} allows to inspect intermediate steps of a call and {tableboom} - a package created for this submission - allows to inspect all calls in R script (based on {boomer}) and display output as a table which tries to doesn't look like a table.

Full Description: I remember when a year ago I have discovered browser() during the work on Shiny app and it was really suprising that you can just stop in the place you want. And now, instead of something based on real life, this submission shows a package which can be use to make a table using source code as a data.

My main intention was to:

  • prepare a reusable table, i.e. a package which can be use to make a table from any R script - since I was doing something from metaprogramming field, it would feel strange to stop on one, specific table instead of metatable;
  • try to turn table into word story, i.e. change its form into something which looks rather as a words than row-column structure.

Idea to show the intermediate steps of calls won't be possible without {boomer} and this is of course much more interesting package than {tableboom} if someone is thinking about metaprogramming. However, the work on {tableboom} required to treat the whole R script as a data - something different than what {boomer} is doing - and taking into account that it may be interesting as well for someone, a secondary goal was to prepare some kind of tutorial: Treating Code As Data - Notes.

Finally, there are many important things in so-called real life which could be shown (as a table), analyze and this analysis could be inspected (and be shown as a so-called table). One of these things is presented as a static-HTML table below.

Table Type: static-HTML
Submission Type: Single Table Example
Table: Short War Story in the Code Narrative
Code: GitHub - gsmolinski/tableboom: Inspect Intermediate Steps of All Calls in R Script Using {boomer} Package and Turn the Output Into HTML Table, tableboom/contest_submission.qmd at main · gsmolinski/tableboom · GitHub
Cloud project: RStudio Cloud
Languages: Built with R: true. Built with Python: false.
Industries: .
Other packages: gt

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