Table of proportion of species

Hi everyone, I am recently learning to use Rstudio, can someone give me a clue of how to achieve a graph like this

Each color is a different site.

Thank you in advance

We don't have that data, so I can't reproduce that plot exactly, but here's essentially the same thing using the Titanic dataset. The below does the following:

  1. Calculate the total number of men and the total number of women per each class
  2. Calculate the total number of people in each class regardless of Sex
  3. Divide Step 1 by Step 2

Then that gives you all the data you need, so I would start by building a regular column chart, then use coord_flip to switch the x and y axes.


df <- Titanic %>% 
    as_tibble %>% 
    group_by(Class, Sex) %>% 
        num_per_sex_per_class = sum(n)
    ) %>% 
    group_by(Class) %>% 
        num_in_class = sum(num_per_sex_per_class),
        prop_sex = num_per_sex_per_class / num_in_class

df %>% 
            x = Class,
            y = prop_sex
    ) + 
            fill = Sex
    ) + 
    coord_flip() + 
        labels = scales::percent


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