table for multiple variables with multiple labels

I am trying to create a expss like cross table for multiple variables . i have a database which already labelled.

df <- data.frame("TB1"=c("OPS",	"OPS",	"HR",	"ADMIN",	"HR",	"ADMIN",	"ADMIN",	"HR",	"HR",	"HR",	"Sales",	"Sales",	"Sales",	"HR",	"HR",	"HR",	"HR",	"Sales",	"Sales"),
                 "TB2"=c("Sales",	"ADMIN",	"ADMIN",	"Sales",	"ADMIN",	"ADMIN",	"ADMIN",	"HR",	"HR",	"HR",	"HR",	"HR",	"HR",	"OPS",	"OPS",	"OPS",	"OPS",	"HR",	"HR"),
                 "TB3"=c("ADMIN",	"Sales",	"OPS",	"Sales",	"HR",	"ADMIN",	"HR",	"HR",	"ADMIN",	"ADMIN",	"HR",	"HR",	"HR",	"OPS",	"HR",	"OPS",	"HR",	"HR",	"Sales"),
                 "TB4"=c("Global",	"Regional",	"Regional",	"Global",	"Global",	"Regional",	"Regional",	"Global",	"Global",	"Regional",	"Regional",	"Global",	"Global",	"Regional",	"Global",	"Regional",	"Global",	"Regional",	"Global"))

banner <- with(df, list(total(),TB4))

t1 <- df %>% tab_cells(mdset(TB1 %to% TB3)) %>%
  tab_cols(total(), banner) %>%
  cross_cpct() %>%

the table should be look like below

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