system requirements for Bioconductor packages on Package Manager

Hi Rstudio,

Is there any plan to support system requirements detecting for Bioconductor packages? I see all CRAN packages' requirements are logged on Package Manager website. People can use the pak package to get the system requirements, e.g pak::pkg_system_requirements("tidyverse").

Is there a plan to add entries for Bioconductor packages? or is there a way we can manually report and ask to add system requirements for my Bioc packages?

Hi, RStudio Package manager should already support system requirements for Bioconductor packages. However it is possible the packages you were trying to use are using system requirements that are not currently in our catalog of system requirements, as it was initially populated by CRAN packages.

If you have specific system requirements you would like to include we would love for you to contribute them. See the following link for details on how to do this.

Thanks Jim, I know it is supported for Bioconductor packages. Like you said, the Bioc packages are not " in our catalog". I checked a bunch with no luck. My question is do you know when they will be cataloged?

That is up to you and other Bioconductor users, you would have to add what system requirements you want to be included in the catalog.

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