system.file() not working as expected

I am using system.file() in my Shiny application, which is also a package. The file in question is located in /inst/database/db.sqlite

system.file("database", "db.sqlite", package = "MyPackage") does not work

system.file("inst/database", "db.sqlite", package = "MyPackage") works

Could anyone explain what might be happening here. I was under the assumption that while inside a Shiny app, system.file would find the file given the subdirectory within /inst.

I understand the situation better now. When I click the "Source" button in RStudio, this sets the working directory to the location of the script file which affects how functions like system.file() resolve file paths.

  • R Studio sets the working directory to the directory containing the script being sourced
  • Any file paths or relative paths used within the script are resolved relative to the current working directory.
  • system.file() works correctly

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