System Error 183 and .Rproj files

We use Windows 10 at work and are encouraged to keep all of our files on OneDrive. The OneDrive folder name is so long that it's easy to bump up against the 260 file path character limit. As a workaround, a lot of us use map network drive to map OneDrive to an O: drive.

I upgraded RStudio to 2022.07.1 Build 554 yesterday through our Company Portal. Afterwards, I'm not longer able to open .Rproj files from my O: drive. I get the following error:


The only advise I came across for RStudio was this post on StackOverflow: r - System Error 183 when opening an RStudio Project - Stack Overflow

The suggested fix does not resolve it for me.

I'm posting here because it does seem like it has something to do with the behavior of the .Rproj files.

I can open the .Rproj files from the original OneDrive folders. It's just trying to open them from the mapped O: drive that causes the error. It may have something to do with changes with the localhost folders for my username.

I realize this is likely a tough one but any clues, hints, etc. would be appreciated. I also see there are postings on how to deal with the long filepaths in different ways as well.

We haven't had the Microsoft365R package authorized for use yet. Hopefully it will help once it is.

Thank you.

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