Syntax - preview of hexadecimal colors (in code)


I have two instances of RStudio, one on Raspberry and the other on AWS.
In my aws instance I don't have the Syntax option, which allows me to highlight the hexadecimal colors in my code, I'm very used to this function, how can I activate it?


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This feature in new on RStudio (IDE). I am not sure whether it is already on RStudio Server (which is the version you have on AWS I suppose). This may be the problem.

thanks for the welcome.

my mistake, both instances of rstudio are server version.
the raspberry version is nightly build, maybe that's it, I can't find any more differences.

Yes, in-line hex color rendering is going to be a feature of the 2022.12 release, it is not present on the current stable version. Pi-compatible builds (arm64) are 2022.12

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