Syntax highlighting for knitr "\Sexpr{}" in Rstudio not working

I'm working on a .Rnw file in Rstudio, using knitr to weave it. I have no problem with compiling the document, my problem is related to the syntax highlighting of the document itself in Rstudio. As soon as I include \Sexpr{} with an R function of any kind inside, it messes up the syntax highlighting for the rest of the document.

This is an example of an .Rnw file that would produce this problem:



% A comment, this is green
Everything is fine so far. \textbf{This looks fine in Rstudio}. 
However, I will now include an "Sexpr\{\}" with an R function inside, 
and it will mess up the syntax highlighting in the rest of the file. 

\textit{Some italic text}
% Another comment, but no longer green 


This is what it looks like for me:

As you can see, "textit" and "end" are not blue, as they should be, and the comment isn't green, like it is above.

As I mentioned, it compiles just fine, but it is just frustrating when I'm working with the document, so I would love to find a solution!

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