Syntax highlighting for additional filetypes

For the past week or so I've been banging my head against a series of complex autoconf scripts for some packages and the lack of syntax highlighting for this type of file makes an unpleasant job more difficult. This is clearly not a super common file type but they do show up with some regularity in R package development.

As a one off, adding support for this specific filetype would be something I'd find personally useful at the moment, but in terms of a more generally useful feature has any thought been given to allowing user defined syntax highlighting configurations? e.g. a user is able to provide / specify a tmbundle or something similar which is then associated with a particular file extension?


allowing user-defined syntax highlighting templates would also instantly make rstudio a great interface for stata programming (b/c of the awesome addition of a terminal in the latest version + rstudio addins)

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I enjoy several editor themes in rstudio.
However, several current black themes failed to highlight the ## marked headers, which is a bit disappointing.
To name a few that doesn't highlight headers

  • monokai (my pick for sublime& terminal),
  • vibrant ink, (ahhhhh i like the color scheme)
  • merbivore,
  • chaos
    black themes highlighting headers:
  • dracula
  • cobalt
  • tomorrow night bright (my current pick)

So I would really like to see a user-defined syntax highlighting feature.

here is some sample md example. notice how headers are not highlighted


give it to me~~~~~~

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