Syntax Help for Using Logical Operators with the conditionalformatting() Function


I am trying to use openxlsx's conditionalformatting() function to highlight instances where, in my dataset, Notes Section 1 and Notes Section 2 BOTH are blank. Openxlsx's documentation--page 16-- says logical operators are possible (in this case AND), but I can't figure out how to properly type the syntax.

This is what I have:

conditionalFormatting(wb, "Sheet1",
                        cols = 26:27,
                        rows = 2:93,
                        rule = 'AND(="")',
                        style = redStyle)

#Save Formatting Change
saveWorkbook(wb, "Both_Notes_Blank.xlsx", TRUE)

Everything should be good to go EXCEPT the rule syntax. Anyone know how to format?

I solved my own question through trial and error. For anyone interested here was what I had to put in the "rule" section: 'AND($Z2="" , $AA2="")'

Z corresponds to the 26th column in Excel; AA corresponds to the 27th.

All other fields were kept the same. I have no idea why "2" is required after the column letter, though

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