Syntax colors for not only R code

The more I use Rstudio, the more I tend to use it for everyday tasks involving code editing, not only for R scripts.
The issue is Syntax Coloring is only available for R language.

is there any easy way of adding syntax colors to any other language?


We do support syntax highlighting for a number of other commonly used programming languages (C, Python, Java, and so on). What language are you looking for in particular?

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I tried to edit Dockerfiles...

would be good to allow change color schemes as any other code editor does (Notepad++, Atom, Sublime Text...)

Some colors I don't like much (bash or python files, for instance) as you keep the same coloring no matter the file.

Allowing for user-defined editor themes is something that's in our feature backlog; unfortunately, we haven't had the time to implement it yet.

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I noticed yesterday that SQL highlighting is missing

FWIW, Fortran would be another language I would like to see supported in RStudio's color syntax library.

To add to this list: I regularly edit PlantUML code for UML graphs.