Sync Rstudio config between machines

I wonder if there's a simple way of keeping all my settings in sync between different Rstudio installations. Syntax settings, packages, addins and such...

i'm using Atom Editor for some projects involving Posix and R code on a remote server and I have to say I love the Sync option.
Installing package Sync-settings you can share config settings and installed packages via Gisthub Gist.

any hint?


Thanks, very good question. I'd love to have that kind of feature (I'm just working with two machines, or three if you count the PC at work, and "manual syncing" still annoys me...)

BTW, I wasn't aware of a sync optin in Atom, where can I find it?

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It would be awesome to have this feature. Something like what you have in Visual Studio Code where you have a configuration file and it only shows the options that you have tweaked (i.e. options that are different from the default options).

This is indeed on our radar (no ETA yet). You can comment/vote on the issue here:

While this would provide the foundation for settings sync, we currently don't have plans to provide a full-featured settings sync system; you'd probably need to sync the settings yourself using a dotfiles repo. Would that do what you want?

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install sync-settings package.
Follow instructions here:

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Ah, great. Didn't know that one... thanks!

I too that this would be a great feature for RStudio. As an rstatsnewbie working on a couple of different machines (work & home), being able to sync packages and settings between them would be greatly appreciated!!!

I came across a great work around that will work if you have a cloud account that is connected to all the computers you want synced. I used Dropbox for this example.

From this link, , on a linux machine, you can find out where your snippets file is saved. This is by default a regular file that will contain the snippet code. What I did was moved this file to a folder in my Dropbox account. After that I created a symbolic link ( in my ~/.R/snippets directory that pointed to the actual snippets file in my Dropbox/.R/ directory.

So just create a symbolic link in your ~/.R/scippets/ directory on all your machines that point to the file in your cloud account and that should work!

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That's a nice work around. Thanks for keeping up with the topic. I'll give this a try later this week and report back on how it works for me.