Switching between visual and source editor for qmd files


  1. when I switch between visual and source editor in RStudio the title of my file is changing in the tab to red colour
    so I need to save it to preserve changes. I did not do anything apart from switching between editors.
    Why is that ? Is it normal behaviour ?
  2. is there any auto formatting turned on for qmd files ? I mean when I write :::: (4) colons down in source editor,
    after saving a file, closing and opening it again I have got ::: (3) instead of :::: (4) colons. Why is that ?

I am on windows 10, quarto version 1.3.361, R version 4.3.0 patched, Rstudio 2023.08.0 Build 60.

It doesn't seem like an expected or "designed" behavior. I think you should look for similar reports on the GitHub repository and if there are non, file an issue.

I have tried it with VisualStudio Code and it's the same. VS Code has got visual editor for quarto as well. The effect is the same, syntax become corrected when going from visual to source editor and vice versa. So maybe this is not RStudio issue ?

I might be wrong but I believe Posit also develops the RStudio extension for VS Code so it might be an issue with both. Never the less, the editor is an IDE feature so at least they could point you in the right direction.

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