Sweaving .Rnw file to .tex: How to include “message” from R function?

I am currently working with myfile.Rnw file in R-studio to create .tex file. I want to include "message" generated from the R function StabCat(), but somehow message are not being included in the .tex file when I am compiling using command Sweave("myfile.Rnw").

Currently Sweave options are set-up as follows:

Global Options

\SweaveOpts{engine=R, eps=FALSE, keep.source = TRUE}

<<preliminaries, echo=FALSE, results=hide>>=

options(prompt = "R> ", continue = "+ ", width = 70, useFancyQuotes = FALSE)


In-line option to execute StabCat():


out<- StabCat(data=adata, patid="pidnum", fixed=Y~time, splitvar="gender")


I think I am not setting the options currently. Your suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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