swagger-like page when creating a plumber api outside rstudio

when I create a plumber api outside Rstudio...is there any way of getting the nice swagger-like html page with all the api info when pointing to the api URL?

I develop this project using VScode (business constraints..)

The usual URLs:


both says 404 not found

using Rstudio the swagger page url is:

and shows:

But I assume this is a Rstudio feature. is there any way opf getting such info page in browser?
The rest of endpoints seems to work ok

This is unrelated to RStudio, you should be able to access the docs if you unable it in your run call.

Start a server using plumber object — pr_run • plumber (rplumber.io)

something like pr_run(host = "", port=8000, docs = TRUE)

The only thing happening in RStudio is the callback function that opens the docs each time you run the API.

See getOption("plumber.docs.callback")

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