Svydesign: analyzing complex surveys

Hi there!

I´ve been analyzing a survey from the Dominican Republica called ENHOGAR 2021, for that I used:

The issue here is that my dataset has both weights and probabilities identified as "Factor_ expansión" and "Factor_ponderación" respectively.

I understand that for the as_survey_design() function to work you need one or the other, so you have to create two objects one with weights and one with probs.

Is there a way where I can use both variables in as_survey_design() function?

Is there an analysis guide for ENHOGAR 2021? My Spanish is at the elementary level so I'm unable to read the documentation myself. I've never heard of using both the probabilities and the weights in the same analysis.

Are the weights simply the inverse of the probabilities? If so, specifying one or the other is equivalent. If they are different, the probabilities are based on the design and the weights may have some post-processing applied such as nonresponse or calibration adjustments and then I would recommend using the weights.

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