svyciprop to a nice table (gt)

Hello- I want to output the following into a table with gt -

table95 <- svyciprop(~I(covered_prop==1), dclus1, method="lo", level=0.95, df=degf(dclus1))

                              5%  95%
I(covered_prop == 1) 0.417 0.285 0.56

This is what I'm trying to replicate, essentially, with the srvyr package -

#Standard error and proportion.
baro_unweightedpointcoverage <- df_child_level_baro_point_coverage %>%
as_survey_design(ids=grappe_no,) cluster number

#95% CI. 
  table <- baro_unweightedpointcoverage %>%
  group_by(covered) %>%
  summarize(proportion=survey_mean(vartype="ci", level=.95),
            total=survey_total(vartype="ci", level=.95))

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