Svyby proportion summary tables

Hi - I would like to create a nicer table with this code- than just the output from summarize. Any advice?

baro_unweightedpointcoverage <- df_child_level_baro_point_coverage %>%
as_survey_design(ids=grappe_no,) cluster number

baro_unweightedpointcoverage %>%
group_by(covered) %>%

You may want to consider the gt package.

For us to really help, it would be helpful to provide a reproducible example:
FAQ: What's a reproducible example (reprex) and how do I create one?

Also, you can wrap your text in three back-ticks (```) to format it as code. This makes it a lot easier to read:

baro_unweightedpointcoverage <- df_child_level_baro_point_coverage %>%
   as_survey_design(ids=grappe_no,) #cluster number

baro_unweightedpointcoverage %>%
   group_by(covered) %>%

How would I store this table in the gt package?

Apologies if I've misunderstood, but when you were talking about getting a "nicer table" I thought you were asking how you could present the data in a nicer way. gt produces HTML tables, but you can save them as static PNG images too.

As I say, we can't really see what your data output is, but if you provide a reproducible example we can see what your data looks like and better understand what the problem is that you're having:

FAQ: What's a reproducible example ( reprex ) and how do I create one?

Hey Jack - thanks a lot- this is an example of what I'd like to display in an HTML table- just not sure how to print it in Markdown.

my_des %>%
  group_by(awards) %>%
#> # A tibble: 2 x 5
#>   awards proportion proportion_se total total_se
#>   <fct>       <dbl>         <dbl> <dbl>    <dbl>
#> 1 No           0.38        0.0344 2354.     213.
#> 2 Yes          0.62        0.0344 3840.     213.

I see! In that case gt may be of some use:


df = tribble(
  ~awards, ~proportion, ~proportion_se, ~total, ~total_se,
  "Yes",          0.62,        0.0344, 3840,     213,
  "No",           0.38,        0.0344, 2354,     213,

gt(df) |> 
  gt::cols_label(awards = "Award",
                 proportion = "Mean",
                 proportion_se = "SE",
                 total = "Mean",
                 total_se = "SE") |> 
  tab_spanner("Proportion", contains("prop")) |> 
  tab_spanner("Total", contains("total")) |> 
  fmt_percent(contains("prop"), drop_trailing_zeros = T) |> 
  cols_width(proportion:total_se ~ px(75))


If you put the above code in an RMarkdown chunk it'll show the gt HTML table, much in the same way that when you put ggplot2 code in a chunk it'll show the resulting plot.

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Awesome, you have made my morning!!! Any advice on how to convert the above into a 95% confidence interval?

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