Survival curve pairwise comparison function

Hi RStudio community,
I am trying to use "survdiff_pairs" function to see the statistical significant for survival curves for more than two groups. I do not know which package this belong to install it, if somebody can help me. You can see the example in the below link.

Its not a package thats on CRAN, so you would be installing a development version.
The readme has install instructions.

Hi, I did not get it. Wondering if you have tried it. Thx

No I didn't try it.
Are you stuck at installing it ? or using it after installing it

Hi, I am stuck with both installing and using it. Thx

If you haven't installed it yet, you wouldn't know if you were stuck on using it , would you ? :smiley:
how about step 1


what happens when you run that ?

This works. When I run the below codes, they do not work.


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