Survival Analysis help

Wondering if anyone can help me, I've completed the following parts of a survival analysis question, it's the last part about the survival probability of an individual in group 2 at time 0.4 that I can't grasp.

Here's my code:
#Estimate a proportional hazard Cox model including Treatment as covariate.

CR <- coxph(Surv(Time, Status) ~ factor(Treatment), data = Recovery)

#Estimate the baseline survival probability at time 0.4
S0_NA <- survfit(coxph(Surv(Time, Status) ~ factor(Treatment), data = Recovery), type = "aalen")
S0_04 <- summary(S0_NA, times = 0.4)$surv

How do I approach this last part????
#Estimate the survival probability of an individual from treatment group 2.

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