Survival analysis (find maxmin_T )

In survival analysis ( R language), data set (lung)

For time, How can I find the maximum of the smallest observed event time in the two sexes,denoted as maxmin_T

Thank you so much!

is data set 'lung', a well known dataset ?
is this homework ?
have you searched for resources on survival analysis with R and found anything? (i.e. is that what you need help with)

The maximum of the minimum? Do you mean.

If the minimum survival in men was 4 days

And the minimum in women was 10 days

You want 10 as the answer?

Do you know how to find the minimum? Do you know how to find the minimum of a subgroup?

Do you know how to find the maximum of those two subgroups?

Are you expecting verbose code that gets you to what feels like a very random data point or some magical

MaxMinT(lung, sex)

lung is a built-in data set in R. Yes, it's homework. But I don't understand the meaning of ''maximum of the smallest observed event time'' . Thank you !

Generally speaking, homework is out of bounds

We also don't know what this is!

Either you were taught this. Go back to the notes. Or you weren't taught it and should be clarifying with your teacher...

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