Survey software recommendation?

Hi R Studio Community,

Disclaimer: I am an absolute beginner in R and have no programming experience, so I thank you ahead of time for your patience with this very basic question.

I work for an SME and want to collect and analyze survey data from customers to assess their level of satisfaction with our products. I work in Germany, so data privacy protection (e.g. GDPR-compliance) is important to our customers.

  1. Am I on the right track with thinking that R will be useful for this purpose, or should I look for some “simpler” solution?
  2. If I am on the right track: What is the best means of collecting survey data that a) anonymizes user data, and b) that can be fed into R (I guess by exporting the data as a CSV file)?
    Any recommendations for tools (SurveyMonkey, etc.) or should I build the form myself (with R Shiny??)?

Greetings from Berlin!

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