Surface binary availability for R versions in RSPM

I recently upgraded to image: "rstudio/r-base:4.0.0-bionic" and was surprised to see that, despite using repos = "" all packages were being installed from source (this is as of 2020-05-11).

It took me a good while to figure out that the problem was that (the public-facing) RSPM didn't seem to have binaries for 4.0.0 as of this writing, and everything works fine with image: "rstudio/r-base:3.6.3-bionic".

I might have missed this, but it might be helpful to surface the availability of binaries in RSPM for different R versions (and packages), just in case other people are as dense as I am.

I eventually found the respective section in the docs:

To install binary packages, click the Binary button and select a Client OS to get the binary repository URL for your operating system. Binary packages are available on Linux and Windows for R 3.4, 3.5, and 3.6.

Perhaps surfacing this right in the UI at might be helpful, as I'm guessing this is kind of a dynamic thing and RSPM binaries may lag behind R releases in future as well.

Falling back to installing from source is of course correct CRAN-y behavior, though in CI/CD settings it's often a headache with missing compile-time system dependencies and all that jazz.
I'd rather always wait until RSPM has the binaries before I jump to a new R release and it'd be great to have that info in a central impossible-to-miss spot.

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Thanks for the feedback Max! We'll work on making this information more directly visible, both for R versions and for individual packages within an R version or OS release.

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