suppressing error tracebacks

We are writing a book where we want to show the error message from some code but not a traceback. For example


tibble(x = 1:2) %>% 

where we specified the chunk with {r, error=TRUE}.

How can we get the error message without the traceback?


If you go to this page and search for "Backtrace", you'll see the result.

The site was rendered using rmarkdown::render_site(), and the source code is here.


This seems unusual!

This backtrack if from rlang.
Did you configured something like this from rlang somewhere? .Rprofile ?

I don't have an .Rprofile, but I updated rlang to the current version, and the problem disappeared.

Many thanks, we can close this question.

Glad it pointed out to the right thing.

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