Suppress downloading progress indicators?

I'm working in Rstudio desktop 1.2.5019 on Windows 10.

When I set up a new packrat project or restore one that I've worked on on a different machine, I'll often be working on something else in another window. The initial installation of packages is painful: whenever Rstudio downloads something, I get an annoying progress indicator that pops up and steals focus. (I wish I'd thought to get a screenshot, but maybe you all know what I'm talking about.) Installing lots of packages means I have to step away for a few minutes and do something else. It's a minor inconvenience in the scheme of things, but I wish there were a way to turn this off. Is it possible to switch to the Rstudio server behavior, where the progress indicator is in-console?

install.packages(  "mypackage" ,quiet = TRUE)

this worked for me when i tested on sqldf package just now

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Thanks! I thought there might be an Rstudio-specific way to solve this, but this works well enough for me.

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