Suppress Author from Quarto compiled into html

Hi all!

This is probably a trivial question, but I have spent some time looking for an answer without success. If I compile a quarto document to an HTML file, I get the title and below AUTHOR and the name I provided in the YAML header. I know I can change the language of AUTHOR using the lang: option in the YAML header, but how do I suppress it? I want an output that looks more like the PDF output, i.e., with just the title and below the author's name without spelling out AUTHOR.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You'll probably need to edit the HTML template for quarto to accomplish this.

First, see this thread for an idea of what needs to happen.

Then, here is the source code for Quarto's default HTML template.

I'd recommend downloading that file, and editing this section:

<p class="author">$author$</p>


<p class="">$author$</p>

This will give you a simpler header. Finally, put that modified html.template into the same directory as your quarto file, and put this in your yaml header:

template: html.template

Let me know how that works out


Note that you can also use partials for template modification: Quarto - Article Templates

title-block.html would be the one to modify :

You can probably also add some CSS rules or JS script to hide modify this specific part in your HTML


Thank you both for your solutions! It seems handy to use partials for template modification.

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