Summary data only providing 3 total values.

Why am I only getting Length, class and mode when summarizing my data?

All of the columns are text. It looks like the header row has been read as part of the data. How did you get the data in the Final data frame? Please show the code that did that.

I utilized this code to load the data from my files and was loaded in that frame;
Final <- read.csv("~/Downloads/Final.csv", header=FALSE)

It seems you need to set header = TRUE.

Final <- read.csv("~/Downloads/Final.csv", header=TRUE)
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One more question, which variable do you think is the dependent variable by looking at the data?

this is a brief description of the data;
*11 predictive attributes, 1 non-predictive(p1), 2 goal fields: *
*1. tau: reaction time of participant (real from the range [0.5,10]s). Tau1 - the value for electricity producer. *
*2. p: nominal power consumed(negative)/produced(positive)(real). For consumers from the range [-0.5,-2]s^-2; p1 = abs(p2 + p3 + p4) *
*3. g: coefficient (gamma) proportional to price elasticity (real from the range [0.05,1]s^-1). g1 - the value for electricity producer. *
4. stabf: the stability label of the system (categorical: stable/unstable)

Sorry, I have no expertise with this kind of data.

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