Suggestions on where and how to host a Shiny app?

I have a personal Shiny app that I've created that I want to share with the world. It's not overly complex and I'd like to be able to share it with people at little to no-cost to myself. The community I want to share it with is fairly large and I'd expect a lot of people to be using it. Does anyone have any suggestions on simple and low-cost ways for where/how to host a Shiny app? The free option doesn't allow for a ton of monthly usage so trying to come up with some alternative low or no-cost options.

If you are expecting heavy traffic then I think your best choice would be to implement your own Shiny server on a cloud computing service (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Open Ocean, etc), if you are looking at low cost you would need to use the open source version, this has the disadvantage of only allowing a single R session for all your concurrent users, but there are walk-arounds like shinyproxy

Thanks for the response, @andresrcs! Do you know of any guides on how to do these sort of things? I have no experience with that type of programming so any help would be appreciated!

There is a nice blog post by Dean Attali that explains how to do it on DigitalOcean but you can apply it to any cloud computing service with little modifications.

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