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I'm really new to analytics and stuff and my teacher gave me a data set about songs from 1990-2020. It has lots of variables like acousticness, popularity, danceability, year and so on. And I'm wondering I wanted to make a song recommendation thingy and I don't know where to start or what packages should i use to analyze the data.

If u guys have any idea feel free to give me any thoughts. <3

This is a classic introductory problem, often used with movie ratings. See Chapter 33.7 in Introduction to Data Science: Data Analysis and Prediction Algorithms with R by Rafael A. Irizarry. This is a graduate-level text that assumes no prior R or programming experience.

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Thank you so much it helped me alot!!

I have a different thought about this. Forget analytics and packages. How would you rate each song from 1 to 10, without considering any of the variables? Add your own column of ratings to the data. Your rating is probably a weighted average of all of those other variables, Rating = w1Accoustics + w2 Popularity + ..., but you don't yet know the best weights. What statistical technique would help you find these weights?

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