[Suggestion] Integration of Go & Github wirh RStudio

Just has an idea which is if RStudio would be able to intergrade with Psiphon via Go langguage where users can select ip address (ip across all softwares/browsers etc Psiphon | 常见问题与解答) casually.

2ndly, collaboration across all relevant forked Github repos

Github repo can be forked and compare the updates via upstream, if Github can intergrate all relevant forked repos (networks) and all users can optional choose update from some/all repos, it can make the application upgrade to be best among contribution among some/all repos.

The users of Haskell are banks, payment systems, companies related to the crypto-currency business, big corporations, and others. It is usually used because there are engineers who like Haskell and who have enough influence to promote it for solving actual business problems. Sometimes there are CEOs who believe that Haskell will give them an edge (visionaries).

Source : Haskell vs OCaml

Tried to read through Haskell via above links, there will be good enough if apply Haskell to deploy a Shiny web application especially on HFT.


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