Suggestion: enable click-through on Mac

OS X disables click-through by default (see, however individual programs can enable it.

I find that I often have my cursor in the editor, than move to a different program (probably copy-pasting from stack exchange :slight_smile:) and then come back and want to work in the console. Clicking the console will bring RStudio to the front, but the cursor is still in the editor, not the console where I clicked.

Maybe this is only an issue for me because I came from PC, but I find this behavior really annoying (and to be clear, it is OS X's fault, not RStudio's). I'll start typing and not realize I"ve screwed up my editor file.

I think it would be great if click-through were enabled on RStudio for mac so that when we come back from another program, the cursor goes to where we click the first time.

(If anyone has any workarounds or knows of third party programs that can allow this behavior, I'd love to hear that as well).

This particular feature is available in the latest daily builds of RStudio. If you'd like to give it a try, you can download the latest daily build at

The daily builds are still relatively unstable (there's a lot of bugs we still need to fix) but, if you have the time, we'd appreciate it if you could take a look!


Thanks I will give it a try!

I'm loving it so far, the click-through is a huge improvement!