Suggestion: Add keyboard shortcut for "View(.Last.value)"

I frequently look at the .Last.value, it would be great if it were possible to customize a keyboard shortcut to do this.

You might consider filing "suggestions" as "enhancements" or feature requests as an issue in the RStudio IDE repo.

There's a quick paragraph about doing so here (sorry, the preview isn't where the anchor will take you):

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There are also a couple of ways you can do this yourself:

  1. Make a snippet (e.g. vlv) for yourself that expands to View(.Last.value). See Code Snippets.

  2. Make an RStudio add-in. Here is a tutorial on making an add-in that inserts %>% when a keyboard shortcut is pressed. You can follow that example and just change the text. :slight_smile:

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If you don't want to build a full addin :package:, @yonicd has an addin that gives you bindable addin slots for your own addin functions, among other things.

See 'limited liability' addins. Kind of cool for quickly trying something out.


Thanks to both of you!