Suggesting feature to Rstudio Workbench

Hi Nerds at Posit!
I'm using Rstudio Workbench, I've to use different session for each different task, at the end of the day I get too many sessions. The available options to remove those sessions from Workbench home page is either quit one by one or quit all. But sometimes I need to keep a few and to delete others. My suggestion is, if there can be a feature like a check box, so I can select those that I want to remove, then clink "Quit selecteds" (or something similar) to remove only those which are selected and keep the others which were not selected. I know it's not a big deal, but I believe it's going to be useful feature.

The red boxes represent what I have in my mind :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestion ! Your suggestion definitely makes sense and I am sure more people would find this feature useful.

I have added your feedback/suggestion to our internal list so it will be reviewed by our product management team and (hopefully) eventually implemented.

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