sudo rstudio-server verify-installation frozen - No error Message but doesn't complete

I have installed R into a non-traditional directory. I set the PATH variable and R, which R works fine. I exported RSTUDIO_WHICH_R to the directory as well. I installed R Studio server on a Redhat 7 machine.

export RSTUDIO_WHICH_R=/custom-r/bin/R

which R

When I run sudo rstudio-server verify-installation it just hangs and never completes. I get no errors. When I do sudo rstudio-server start i get

sudo rstudio-server
rstudio-server start/running, process 19309

but it appears nothing runs. I run sudo rstudio-server active-sessions but get no processes running.

sudo rstudio-server active-sessions

How can I debug this?

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