Suddenly, an error message, "Number of clusters 'k' must be in {1,2, .., n-1}; hence n >= 2", is displayed.

Dear community

Could you teach me what is the cause for this code?

Previously, I could execute the same code which csv was a few more rows...

Is it due to the small number of csv rows?

Although the likelihood of this is quite low...

x = read.csv("mydata.csv", header = TRUE, row.names = 1)

y = as.matrix(x)

for(i in 2:(nrow(y)-1)){
    pam(y, k = i, metric = "euclidean")
#metric="euclidean" may not need

fviz_nbclust(y, pam, method = "wss")

Error in FUNcluster(x, i, ...) : 
  Number of clusters 'k' must be in {1,2, .., n-1}; hence n >= 2

Test stepwise following this pattern

#> Loading required package: ggplot2
#> Welcome! Want to learn more? See two factoextra-related books at
# the next statement does not return anything
for(i in 2:(nrow(mtcars)-1)) pam(mtcars,i)
# mtcars has dim 32 11
fviz_nbclust(mtcars, pam, method = "wss")

# try with dim 16 11
fviz_nbclust(mtcars[1:16,], pam, method = "wss")

# # try with dim 8 11
fviz_nbclust(mtcars[1:8,], pam, method = "wss")
#> Error in FUNcluster(x, i, ...): Number of clusters 'k' must be in {1,2, .., n-1}; hence n >= 2

Created on 2023-01-31 with reprex v2.0.2

Thank you for your prompt reply!

I already know it and could execute until these days ago.

I could chart using method wss, silhouette and gap_stat.

But only this time, it didn't go well...

it could work for k=7

fviz_nbclust(mtcars[1:8,], pam, method = "wss",k=7)

I'm sorry for the misleading text.

By "this time", I mean mydata.csv, not mtcars.

yes; we don't have your data; mtcars is an example ...

you have some code that before fviz_nblust, manually runs pam through possibilities; but you dont capture that; or look at it for anything....

You might consider changing it so that it shows you that highest possible k; you could then use that in fviz_nbclust

y <- mtcars[1:8,]
for(i in 2:(nrow(y)-1)){
  pamx <- pam(y, k = i, metric = "euclidean")
  cat("k = ", i,"\n")

note here mtcars is an example; that all forum users can use.
you could have provided your own example; but you didnt...
If you want to read advice on providing custom examples; I would encourage you to look here :

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Thank you very much for your long time and patience.

I will consider other ways of presenting the data and try this and that!

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