Successfully publish the website. but unable to open it

Hi i recently recreated a shiny interactive plot and wanted to publish on The shiny app works perfectly on my laptop. After pressing setting up on and pressing the publish button. It shows that my website is running.

However, the website is loading for a long time and then display a 504 time out. Is it because that the app is too large? i am not too sure which part went wrong. Thank you so much for your help.

FWIW, I couldn't get ballr to run remotely, either when I tried last week.

I don't know ballr, but are there API calls that are not reachable by ?

And the team recently put together this troubleshooting guide:

Thank you for your reply. i have checked my log, there does not seem to be an issue to me.

As for the API, the data is retrieved from . There is no local data.

Thank you

Are you attempting to load all the data before you Shiny application is initialized?
If that takes too long, then the application appears unresponsive and will be shut down.
You might consider loading the data reactively, or increasing the timeouts in the settings.

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Could you send the source code?