Hello. I am beginner and i am trying to make a stylometric analysis to a small corpus of text i have properly prepared. I use windows 10 and Rstudio. I upload stylo from the library according to the guiding lines and i set the directory to the corpus i want to analyze but no GUI interface appears to continue. Is it probably a step i missed ?

I am completely unfamiliar with this package. Looking at the section named GUI Mode (page 113) of this pdf

it seems you have to run the following commands to get the GUI


Is that what you did?

Thank you very much for replying.
Yes, i have already run these commands. What confuses me is that in some guides i see that after these commands a Gui appears to set the parametres. I had this directions too. In others it seems that more commands are demanded. So i don´t understand very well.

Are you sure you executed the commands or did you simply enter these commands in the Script pane of RStudio ( the pane at the top left)? To execute a command in the Script pane, place the cursor on the line and press the CTRL and ENTER keys simultaneously. Does anything at all happen when you run the stylo() function?

I had pressed just Enter before. Now after CTRL+Enter it shows me this.

Error in stylo() : could not find function "stylo"

I have installed Stylo package

I had installed it before , I mean, properly using Install at the bottom right panel

You need to run


before you can use any function from the stylo package. You only need to run it once per RStudio session

Thank you very much! It works. I am sorry it was simple but I didn´t know i had to run it separately.
Thank you for you time.

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