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I updated R to 4.2.2 and RStudio to 2022.12.0+353. My OS is MacOS Monterey (version 12.6.2) with Apple M1 chip.

I didn't have any errors during the installation of the packages and I am able to open R. However, when I try to open Rstudio, I get the following error: "R Not Installed. R does not appear to be installed. Please install R before using RStudio."

I tried to find a solution online, but was not able to solve it. Any help to solve this asap would be truly appreciated.


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I believe the latest RStudio version requires macOS >= 13, maybe that is the problem.

Thanks for your response. I tried to reinstall it after upgrading my OS to 13.2, but I am still getting the error :frowning:

Any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot for your help

I have been experiencing the identical problem. And have not been able to use RStudio successfully. @maryeveh - if you have arrived at a solution, I would appreciate hearing more. thanks.

Apple's change in version numbering starting with Big Sur has been confusing.

High Sierra = 10.13
Mojave = 10.14
Catalina = 10.15
Big Sur = 10.16 and 11.0
Monterey = 12.0
Ventura = 13.0

The current version of RStudio, 2022.12, requires macOS 11.0 or higher. Both 12.6.2 and 13.2 should have worked.

I am using Ventura (specifically 13.2.1). I have tried uninstalling all R and RStudio components and reinstalling from scratch after a full reboot of the desktop. Nothing is remedying the issue that @maryeveh originally reported. I agree that it appears it "should have worked". What next?


I have no idea, but if it was me I would post the components of R and RStudio that were deleted to make sure I really got them all. Sorry I cannot offer anything better.

You might find this useful. Resetting RStudio Desktop's State

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