students getting message that workspace is full

This is just a heads up about an issue a few people have been running into, so you are aware of it. We are using RStudio Cloud for a 200+ student class. After sending a link to the workspace and asking students to click on a project, some students have emailed us saying they are getting an error telling them the workspace is full. (I haven't talked to any of them in person yet, so I am not sure if this is happening at the step when they join the workspace for the first time or try to copy the project.) It seems that when they try again later, the problem has been resolved, so that's what I am telling them to do. But it might be something you want to look into either figuring out why it is happening, and/or improving the error message to be more informative, i.e., due to load, workspace can't be joined right now, please try again later/in five minutes/etc. Thanks!

Hi @mtaub,

Thanks for letting us know that you have run into this issue, we are currently working on a fix. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have this issue resolved as soon as possible.


Hey @mtaub,

As @KarenMedina says, we do have a fix in the works to improve these error messages. Thanks for reporting this.

While we work on that -- and in order to ensure nothing else is going on here -- we'd love a bit more information about what your students are running into. Can you please tell me approximately when this was happening (a rough date range would be great) and what is the id of the space in question? Also, did you add these users individually, or is/was the space shared via a Sharing Link that you had the users click on?

Thanks so much for your help,

A student was having this issue just a couple minutes ago. The workspace is shared via a Sharing Link. How do I find the ID of the workspace?

Thanks, that's helpful, and sorry you're still running into this. You can find the space ID is in the URL of the space itself (not the sharing link) -- if you include a link to the space, we can take it from there.


The ID from the URL is 23143.

And thank you for your help! We are excited to be using RStudio Cloud this semester and hope we can work together with you as we go along if we run into things or have feedback.

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Thank you! Happy to hear that you're excited about RStudio Cloud, we'll let you know what we uncover.

FYI, today, we are just asking students to get set up in RStudio Cloud, but they will be working on an introductory set of code and working through your Programming Basics tutorial tomorrow (Friday 8/30) afternoon in their discussion sections. (Of course they can do the tutorial without joining the workspace, which will at least get them started.)

From what we can see, it looks like your Sharing Link is getting truncated in the middle of the access code. Sometimes this happens if the text wraps and the user attempting to join only copies the first part of the link, or something could be formatting (or mis-formatting) the link you're sending out. Are you sharing this via email?

Going forward, while users providing partial access codes will still see errors when attempting to join spaces, the changes that @KarenMedina mentioned up above will make it more clear what's happening when a user encounters this kind of issue (and is not, say, running into space capacity limits). We're aiming to have that change out in the next week or so.

I hope this helps, and thanks again for your patience.


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Thanks, telling the students to copy and paste the URL, making sure there are no spaces, rather than clicking on it, seems to have done the trick.

We did run into some problems this afternoon while the students were trying to access the Programming Basics tutorial. It would just hang and they were not able to complete it during discussion section. We will ask them to do it on their own time and hopefully spreading the load will make it more manageable for the server, which I assume was the issue this afternoon. Just wanted to pass this along as well, in case it is useful.

Thanks for the note about the tutorial hanging - we believe we've fixed that issue, but please let us know if you see it happening again.


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