Students are having problems knitting assignments

My students are doing analysis and when knitting the process simply stops. I have restated R and cleared the buffer and it still fails. I had caught a few items that were true issues (like echoing 250,000 row dataset) I removed these and even when a head() is done it seems to be an issue that knit fails.

Are there some limitations that I should know about?

--Larry Tentor

What format specifically are you asking them to knit to?

Depending upon what you have in your Rmd, knitting to PDF can fail when HTML works. One example is if you are making ggplots interactive using ggplotly

I was asking for HTML, yet neither PDF nor HTML work. It seems to fail prior to making it to Pandoc. They are doing some ggplot yet nothing interactive.

Thanks for checking. I will try to run the project on my desktop rather than

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