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I created a homework assignment for my students. To check what students see I also created a second ("student") account, invited my self the course workspace, and created a hw assignment project.

In the student account I see the instructor's assignment as well as my own. Can I set it up so the students only see one version of each assignment?
Thank you.

Hello @deborahsills,

Unfortunately there is no global setting to show only a users own projects, but each user can set it themselves by going into the Options on the top right


and setting the List Projects to Yours

If you are using the assignment feature a student who clicks the teachers version - will get their version. So both projects in the list would lead to the same place. Documentation for assignments can be found at Posit Cloud


Thank you! That would be good to fix in the future. It will confuse students.

It confused my students as well. I did the same thing as you and made a "student" account. I did find out that once you start the assignment (as a student), it doesn't matter if you click on your own copy or the original assignment (which will now say "continue" instead of "start") and it takes you to the same project (the student's).

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