Stuck trying to Update R and RStudio

I'm relatively new to R and as well I have been away from it for a while (6 months). Initially R alerted me that there is a new version 4.2.3. I have tried the website:
But I've found I got lost not following the instructions exactly. I can see on my C:\ drive that the 4.2.3 version is there but when I check the version in RGui it shows me that I have 4.2.2 installed. I also need to update Posit as well but I haven't gotten very far with that either.
I would sure appreciate some assistance getting out of this mess, can you help please?

  • As has been suggested there may be no advantage persisting with this update. I'm fine with that except that when I checked my C:\ drive 4.2.3 is showing there with a similar group of folders compared to earlier versions, somehow the process didn't go the whole way to completely install R 4.2.3. Anyway, unless you have other suggestions I'll leave it as is and update when the next update comes around, in a more organised way.

Point version differences are truly minor 4.2.2 to 4.2.3. See the release notes. They accumulate, so being, say, at 4.1 when the world has moved on to a hypothetical 4.7 means a greater likelihood of breakage. You should continue to work on this so that eventually when it’s important to your situation, you will know how. I can’t help with Windows (Haven’t done anything with it since the 90s). Don’t be anxious about how long it takes so long as you have a currently working setup.

On Windows each R version gets installed independently so you just need to download and run the installer from CRAN

RStudio doesn't require any special consideration either, just down and run the installer.

After that you can either install packages for your new R version from scratch or move the content of your old package library to the new location and run update.packages(checkBuilt = TRUE)

Thanks for your wise words @technocrat

Thanks for your help, Andresrcs!

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