Struggling with tidygate package argument (2D gate on scatter plot)

Hi all,

New-ish to R, so please bear with me...

I have a dataset that is a plot of x,y coordinates (currently in csv file). When I create a scatter plot, there is a distinct population of points that I want to pick out by drawing a gate around them, and then applying that gate to other datasets with similar values (essentially a dumbed down version of flow cytometry gating).

I have converted my x,y points into a tibble (as_tbl), but can't seem to get the gate functions to work. This is what the package says to do:

.data A tibble
.element A column symbol. The column that is used to calculate distance (i.e., normally
.dim1 A column symbol. The x dimension
.dim2 A column symbol. The y dimension
.color A column symbol. Color of points
.shape A column symbol. Shape of points
.size A column symbol. Size of points
opacity A number between 0 and 1. The opacity level of the data points
how_many_gates An integer. The number of gates to label
gate_list A list of gates. It is returned by gate function as attribute "gate". If you want
to create this list yourself, each element of the list is a data frame with x and y
columns. Each row is a coordinate. The order matter.
name A character string. The name of the new column
action A character string. Whether to join the new information to the input tbl (add),
or just get the non-redundant tbl with the new information (get).
... Further parameters passed to the function gatepoints::fhs


tidygate::tidygate_data %>%
gate( .element = c(`ct 1`, `ct 2`), Dim1, Dim2 )
tidygate::tidygate_data %>%
.element = c(`ct 1`, `ct 2`),
Dim1, Dim2,
gate_list = tidygate::gate_list


Could someone please help walk me through how to set this up? Sample of what the data looks like:

> newdata
# A tibble: 5,046 x 3
   M488     M560   Cell 
   <chr>    <chr>  <chr>
 1 1381.31  301.8  Live 
 2 7104     266.08 Live 
 3 8072.78  250.8  Live 
 4 960.01   594.37 Live 
 5 813.88   425.85 Live 
 6 8985.28  249.68 Live 
 7 23917.14 292.2  Live 
 8 989.88   548.35 Live 
 9 1316.68  463.89 Live 
10 7951.51  322.52 Live 
# … with 5,036 more rows

I've also tried converting chr -> dbl but no such luck.
Getting a million different errors, such as these:

 gate(newdata, M488, M560)
Error in is_quosure(x) : argument "x" is missing, with no default
In addition: Warning message:
In : applied to non-(list or vector) of type 'symbol'
> gate(newdata, .element = Cell, M488, M560)
Error: Problem with `filter()` input `..1`.
x Input `..1` must be of size 2 or 1, not size 5046.
ℹ Input `..1` is `M488 %>% | M560 %>%`.

I played around for a bit. It seems to me that the GUI is the hangup. (Nothing good has ever come from clip and drag.) Try giving a subset as an argument.

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