Struggling with R

This is my first post. I'm doing my Masters in Linguistics. Unfortunately, through a combination of Covid/remote learning and personal circumstances, I had to get a long extension on my dissertation as an external candidate, so no supervisor or help from my department. Now I'm doing it, I can't remember how to do ANYTHING (almost) in R - which I struggled with even when I was attending university regularly a year and a half ago. I'm hoping this community will be able to help when I get stuck on specifics!

Welcome and Goodluck.
Here are some resources for you.

I would really encourage you to review the following guide, FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions.
For example, the guide emphasizes asking coding questions with formatted code-chunks and a reprex.

You may have noticed folks here requesting minimal reprexes, that's because asking questions this way saves answerers a lot of time.

Reproducible Examples:

  • help make your question clear and replicable
  • increases the probability folks will reach out and try to help,
  • reduces the number of back-and-forths required to understand the question,
  • and makes your question and suggested solutions more useful to folks in the future researching similar problems.

R For Data Science is how I learned R. I highly recommend spending as much time as you can running through it. It is an incredibly valuable resource to have.

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