Stringdist/adist; comparing words on their similarity

Dear Community,

I need to compare all Lexemes with the same "Link" (see picture below) with each other due to see their similarity or distance.
A little background information; the "Link"-number stands for a plant and the "Lexem" then is the plantname in different languages. In the end I want to compare the distances in the languages, e.g. "the Lexemes in Wolof and Twi are most related since their distance in all the 2500 Lexemes was the closest one."

Can anyone help me with a code for such a thing?

Thanks a lot <3

If I were you I would start with a readthrough of the vignette:
RJournal_6_111-122-2014.pdf (
focus on the stringdistmatrix option, try the examples, and adapt them to your purpose.
If you get stuck, feel free to come back for additional support.
A reprex would be desirable

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