Stratigraphic diagram help with the scale and order of data

I am having issues with creating a stratigraphic diagram - need to display my fossil data, along with PCA scores 1 and 2 and my cluster analysis. I want to display the fossil data as shown using wa.order("bottomleft") arrangement, however it includes the PCA scores in this and moves PCA 1 to one side and PCA2 to the other side. How can I keep this arrangement for the fossil data but keep the PCA1 and PCA2 together on the right side with the cluster data? I also cannot get my depth scale to reach the bottom of the diagram i.e. I need it to get to 250?


strat.plot (cladoPCA, plot.line=F,, 
  ,"black", yvar=as.numeric(row.names(clado)), 
            scale.percent=F, scale.minmax=T, min.width=10,cex.xlabel=0.7, 
            y.rev=TRUE, ylabel="Depth (cm)", cex.axis=0.7,  
            wa.order="bottomleft", clust=clust, clust.width=0.05)
title("Fossil Data", line= +1)